Could a microwave save your electronics during an EMP attack?

You sleep with your iPhone beside you, waking up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail? Feel anxious when separated from your smartphone?

When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop

Most Americans take for granted the intricate systems that make it possible for us to engage in seemingly mundane day to day tasks like filling up our gas tanks, loading up our shopping carts at the local grocery store, obtaining necessary medications, and even pouring ourselves a clean glass of water.

Report: Chance of a Catastrophic Solar Storm Is 1 in 8; Would Take Down Power Grid, Food Transportation, Water Utilities, Financial Systems

According to a recent study published by Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications,  we have roughly a 12% chance of getting hit with a solar storm so powerful that it could take down the national power grid and yield catastrophic consequences for the general population. Pete Riley, a senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, is the author of the study which looks at the probability of the occurrence of extreme weather events:

Will The Solar Storm Disrupt Power Grids?

A massive solar flare that erupted from the sun late Tuesday (March 6) is unleashing one of the most powerful solar storms in more than five years, a solar tempest that may potentially interfere with satellites in orbit and power grids when it reaches Earth.

Massive Solar Eruption

This past Sunday evening, a huge blast of plasma was shot from the surface of the sun. This has led to the strongest radiation storm to hit the planet earth since 2005. You can read the details here. This is one scenario we prepare for. It would take a good sized solar blast to create an EMP effect. They are warning that certain flight paths will be rerouted as a result of this storm. So it makes one think about the effects this has on people and the rest of the planet. What do you think? If you wake up one morning and nothing is working. Car won’t...

Meet Me Here

With all the chatter lately about EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it makes one think there is something in the air. So this got me wondering if our readers have a plan for this scenario. Do you? We know if there was ever an actual EMP strike that electronic communications are finished. I know some folks have electronics which are protected for this scenario, but we will not know if these will survive until the event actually happens. If you are like me; you have family spread throughout the country. This makes life not only difficult during the holidays...