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Want to know who’s spying on you online? There’s an app for that!

Would you like to know who’s watching which websites you visit? Well there’s an app for that. It’s standard practice for advertisers to keeps tabs on the sites you frequent using tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are small text files that are downloaded on to your computer that log the websites you browse and, in some case, how you interact with these sites. Advertisers and other companies use these logs to build a profile of your interests, allowing advertisers to sell you products and services you’re more likely to buy.

Could a microwave save your electronics during an EMP attack?

You sleep with your iPhone beside you, waking up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail? Feel anxious when separated from your smartphone?

CIA Says It Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances

Global information surveillance grid being constructed; willing Americans embrace gadgets used to spy on them

Meet Me Here

With all the chatter lately about EMP (electromagnetic pulse), it makes one think there is something in the air. So this got me wondering if our readers have a plan for this scenario. Do you? We know if there was ever an actual EMP strike that electronic communications are finished. I know some folks have electronics which are protected for this scenario, but we will not know if these will survive until the event actually happens. If you are like me; you have family spread throughout the country. This makes life not only difficult during the holidays...

wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit

During our travels we come across some interesting things our readers may benefit from. One of the biggest assets that smartphones have are the available applications one can download.  The information some of these apps provide can be priceless when in need. So one of the apps we came across was the wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit. The app has articles on first-aid treatment such as treating burns, or even performing CPR.  There are articles and information on wilderness survival and even how to escape a Bear attack.  While some of our...

Pelican Products 1910 LED Flashlight

The folks at Pelican Products just came out with a new flashlight; the model 1910 LED. This AAA battery powered, LED light, has a steel pocket clip and a push button tail switch.  At 3.6 inches long, and weighing 1.4 ounces with batteries, this may be another ideal choice for a pocket flashlight. Pelican claims you can get an hour of run-time at 39 lumens off of the single AAA battery. This sounds impressive, but we have not put this claim to the test. They do not have an MSRP listing on their web site for this light yet.

BioLite CampStove

Now here is the scenario; you go camping for the weekend and need to still be connected to the world for various reasons. So you don’t have spare batteries for your cell phone. What do you do? Connect it to the stove while you cook that evening. It appears BioLite has created a CampStove that burns wood and generates electricity you can use to charge your cell phone or LED flashlight. This stove also collapses so you can transport it easily. This is a great idea. According to BioLite’s website the CampStove will be available in March...