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Winter Survival Tips – Part Two

In the last article about winter survival, we conveyed the necessity of being properly dressed for a survival emergency. In Part Two of this series we want to address another universal principle of winter survival.

How A Jobless Father Of Four Is Surviving The Winter In Detroit

How does a jobless father of four keep his family warm and fed in Detroit during the harsh winter? By donating his plasma and collecting wood from the abundant amount abandoned homes around the bankrupt city.

Homemade Fuel Cubes With 30+ Minute Burn Time!

If you are looking for a good tip on homemade fire starters, check these out. With a long burn time, these look worthwhile to make.

Cold Weather Survival – Using C.O.L.D. to Stay Warm In Winter

With the seasons changing and the cooler weather here, it is time to start thinking about staying warm and safe when the temps drop. Too many times have people succumb to the cold weather due to pure lack of skills and knowledge. Maybe even sometimes common sense, but that is another discussion.