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Leaked Army Manual Outlines Civilian Internment Camps

I received this link and a link to the actual document from one of our readers:

Will You Submit & Obey?

In New York, we have a prequel of what’s to come – the repeal of the Second Amendment and summary criminalization of peaceful citizens merely for possessing the means of self-defense, even in their own homes. As in Great Britain, citizens of NY face prison if they use proscribed weapons against murderous thugs – even in their own homes. The tyrants Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Now New Yorkers will have to make theirs. And so will the rest of us – if, as seems likely, the federal tyrants succeed in issuing...

Arkansas Police Chief Claims Crime Stats are Probably Cause to Shakedown All Pedestrians for ID

Mayor Mike Gaskill and Police Chief Todd Stovall of Paragould Arkansas announced plans to patrol the streets with AR-15 rifles and stop pedestrians randomly for IDs and questioning.

NSA Whistleblower: All Americans Under Surveillance

The Conspiracy Facts finally come to light…

Deputies Knock On Wrong Door At 1:30AM, Shoot & Kill Man Who Answers With Gun

Sheriff’s deputies who failed to identify themselves when knocking on a man’s door at 1:30AM at night immediately shot and killed the homeowner after he allegedly opened his door with a gun in hand.

Justices Approve Strip-Searches for Any Offense

Welcome to the new world where you have no rights!! WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.