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Silent Circle Smartphone App Encrypts Voice and Text for Private Communication

A group of software developers with a history in military intelligence have created a smartphone app that promises to encrypt voice and text messages for private communication.  There are already many encryption options in existence  but they are unfortunately difficult to use, which is a barrier for those without the skills, patience, or time to learn. Silent Circle promises to make encryption much easier for the average person.  After two years in development this revolutionary product has finally hit the market.

Can You Hear Me Now?

As you are aware, we just posted an article in regards to cell phone carriers assisting the government with spying on you. One of our dedicated (and knowledgable) readers brought this article to our attention. It is from 2006, but it is scary as hell. The government has the ability to listen to your phone even while it is turned off. So grab something to drink and read this. This is amazing.

Cell Phone Corporations Help Government and Law Enforcement Spy On You

Your wireless company is tracking you with GPS, recording your phone calls and text messages . . . and they are selling the information they collect to other corporations, nations, governments – anyone willing to pay for the data.