‘Forgotten’ US Smallpox Vials Found In Cardboard Box

Long forgotten vials of smallpox left in a cardboard box have been discovered by a government scientist at a research centre near Washington, officials say. The virus, believed dead, was located in six freeze-dried and sealed vials, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is said to be the first time unaccounted-for smallpox has been discovered in the US. The disease was officially declared eradicated in the 1980s. “The vials appear to date from the 1950s. Upon discovery, the vials were immediately secured in...

Meningitis-linked steroid may have affected 13,000 people in U.S.: CDC

Some 13,000 people in 23 U.S. states may have received steroid injections linked to a rare fungal meningitis outbreak that has killed eight people, but far fewer are likely