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EcoZoom And Eartheasy “Are You Prepared” Giveaway

The folks over at EcoZoom gave us a heads up about this giveaway they are having in a partnership with Eartheasy. I know there are a lot of our readers who are always looking to get their hands on some necessary gear, but just can’t afford to do so. So here is a chance for you to get in on this contest.

BioLite CampStove

Now here is the scenario; you go camping for the weekend and need to still be connected to the world for various reasons. So you don’t have spare batteries for your cell phone. What do you do? Connect it to the stove while you cook that evening. It appears BioLite has created a CampStove that burns wood and generates electricity you can use to charge your cell phone or LED flashlight. This stove also collapses so you can transport it easily. This is a great idea. According to BioLite’s website the CampStove will be available in March...