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Preview: Is Your Campsite Secure?

I love relaxing around a campfire. The peace and quiet of the woods and fresh air is hard to beat. Even with all the relaxing attributes of any campground or makeshift campsite, you still need to be vigilant when it comes to your safety and that of those in your group.

Don’t Become The Hunted

Congrats!!! You survived the event that has brought our country to its knees and changed life as we know it forever. You have all your top notch preparedness gear, a sweet food supply which should last about a year, and a cache of firearms that would make the local gun show look small. To sweeten the pot, your bug out location is one that others can only dream of having. Running streams and plenty of fertile land which will have you growing the best crops any farmer could ask for. Your friends and family are comfortable and it feels like you just...

Urban Survival Planning – Reconnaissance and Security Patrols

If the collapse hit and everything falls apart at the seams, and you are either held up in your Urban Home preparing to move to the your Safe Location, or you are on the move to your Safe Location, or, are at you Safe Location – what in the world does Reconnaissance and Security Patrols have to do with your Urban Survival?

Make 12 Door Or Perimeter Alarms For Just $2.49

I found these little Pulling Trick Fireworks on Amazon (you may be able to find similar locally) which are designed for pranking friends and family. They have a  5 inch pull string on each side of a 1.5 inch charge; You rig them on anything that opens such as doors, windows and draws to prank people when they open them… I haven’t tried these myself, but providing they work, it appears to me that they can also be used for security purposes to set door/window alarms and perimeter tripwire alarms.

Camp Security

Camp security is not generally an issue. Most people either camp in a campground with hundreds of people around or so far out in the sticks that bad guys are too lazy to go to them. Well incase you have been in a coma since y2k times have changed. That campground you have used for years may not be as safe as you once thought.