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Gear Preview: RIBZ Front Pack

We are always on the lookout for products we  feel our readers will not just like; but actually benefit from. When we scour the Internet, we find so many bug out bags, go bags, 72 hour bags, etc. While I was looking for gear that would compliment our beginning hiking series, I came across the Front Pack from a company called RIBZ Sportswear located in sunny San Diego, CA.

Hiking Gear Review: Leki Khumbu Antishock Trekking Poles

As part of our Beginning Hiking Series for Preppers, we will review gear that we feel is beneficial to our readers who are interested in hiking the trails. The unique part of this series is that I am beginner at recreational hiking as well, so these reviews will be from a fresh (and unbiased) perspective. Now enough blabbing and onto the topic at hand.

Camp Security

Camp security is not generally an issue. Most people either camp in a campground with hundreds of people around or so far out in the sticks that bad guys are too lazy to go to them. Well incase you have been in a coma since y2k times have changed. That campground you have used for years may not be as safe as you once thought.

Preview: Beginner Hiking Series

The most overlooked and neglected aspect of preparedness is physical fitness. In some cases, there may be a time when you cannot depend on a vehicle to get out of dodge. A prime example would be in the event of an EMP. You can forget about driving your new car or truck. Even though we have had a mild winter; warm weather is right around the corner. So I wanted to do something that would not only had a health benefit, but provide some experience any prepper should have. So we will be hiking.

American Kami Ti Spork Review

The spork. A tool which is the combination of two eating utensils, a spoon and a fork. The spork is defined as “a hybrid form of cutlery taking the form of a spoon-like shallow scoop with three or four fork tines”. When I hear the term “spork”, I am whisked away to memories of my grade school cafeteria. But I never thought that one day, the spork would be used for something other than scooping up cafeteria food. This brings me to the American Kami Ti-Spork. D.J. Urbanovsky, Owner and Operator of American Kami, is always coming up with...

BioLite CampStove

Now here is the scenario; you go camping for the weekend and need to still be connected to the world for various reasons. So you don’t have spare batteries for your cell phone. What do you do? Connect it to the stove while you cook that evening. It appears BioLite has created a CampStove that burns wood and generates electricity you can use to charge your cell phone or LED flashlight. This stove also collapses so you can transport it easily. This is a great idea. According to BioLite’s website the CampStove will be available in March...