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Make a Wilderness Survival Candle

Randy Hood from Econo Challenge Tips and Tricks explains how to make a wilderness survival candle in this video. The candle is made with recycled materials and is reusable, so is perfect for campers wanting to leave no trace.

Test Your Fire-Building IQ

Fire is the magic candle of the wilderness. Build fire and you keep the wolf of hypothermia at bay. It warms; it acts to soothe frayed nerves. It builds confidence, acts as a distress signal, and encourages you to stay in one place until help arrives. But how much do you really know about building and maintaining fire, beyond simply striking a match? Take this test to find out.

Celebrate National Hammock Day on July 22nd With Grand Trunk!!

I don’t know about you, but I think relaxing in a hammock on a warm summer day is a great form of relaxation. Heck, even camping in one is a great idea. Did you know that July 22nd is National Hammock Day? Not only can you grab your favorite beverage and hang out in the trees; but you can also celebrate with the folks over at Grand Trunk.

Gear Review: The Pocket Socket

You are out in the woods and you need to call home to let your family know that you are well. You grab your cell phone and the battery level indicator says you have 30 percent battery left. You forgot you used it to take pictures of the captivating views you saw during your hike. So what do you do? There are a few options as having a spare battery (if your phone has a removable one), or a case which contains an external battery. The other option would be a solar powered charger, which could be very costly in some cases and not as dependable as the...

Please Join Us In Welcoming Camping Survival

Who is fully prepared? There are many folks that are always trying improve their preps, but are on a limited budget. While I agree that many necessities are not cheap, we take pride in finding the companies who we would trust with our hard earned money.

The UK Preppers Radio Network: The PurifiCup

We recently tested and reviewed the PurifiCup. We just got word that it has been tested by a team of survival instructors and their will a discussion about it this Friday on the UK Preppers Radio Network . 

RIBZ Front Pack Special Offer

As you are well aware, we recently reviewed the RIBZ Sportswear Front Pack. It was a fun and awesome product to test and the team at RIBZ enjoyed the review. Not only are they a great group, but they also wanted to pass along something to our readers. They have created a special discount code which will provide FREE SHIPPING!! That’s right folks, FREE SHIPPING!!