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Kidnapped Marine Speaks Out: ‘I’m Scared For My Country’

Former Marine Brandon Raub speaks to John Whitehead in a one on one interview. Raub’s case went viral on the Internet earlier this month when on August 16, the former Iraq and Afghanistan veteran was kidnapped from his home by police, FBI and Secret Service agents and forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric ward by authorities in Virginia in response to Facebook posts which the FBI deemed “terrorist” in nature.

Case Dismissed: Government Had No Grounds to Indefinitely Detain Marine Vet Without Charge or Trial

After the FBI, Secret Service and local police swarmed Brandon Raub’s homebecause of Facebook posts that were deemed by officials as “terrorist threats” and investigated under the auspices of domestic terrorism, the outcry from proponents of free speech were loud and undeniable.

1st Amendment Violated as Facebook Assists Police in Pre-Crime Investigations

On August 16th former US Marine Brandon Raub was arrested for posting his opinion about the US government on his Facebook page . Raub is currently being held in a psychiatric ward. In a statement by Raub, he explains : “I’m currently in John Randolph in the psychiatric ward being held against my will. They were concerned about me calling for the arrest of government officials.”

Was a Former Marine Arrested by the F.B.I. for His Facebook & Blog Posts?

According to a report over at, one of their contributing writers was taken into custody late last night after his home was raided by The Police, FBI and Secret Service.