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Gear Review: The Reactor from Sea to Summit

What is more exciting than getting ready for a great backpacking or camping trip? If you are like me, you enjoy planning all the details of the trip from packing, to choosing the route you will follow. Some find the packing to be stressful as they are concerned they will either not have enough gear or have too much gear. The amount of gear you carry in your pack is determined by the location, weather, and individual needs of the trip. So this brings us to the Reactor from Sea to Summit.

Gear Review: The Pocket Socket

You are out in the woods and you need to call home to let your family know that you are well. You grab your cell phone and the battery level indicator says you have 30 percent battery left. You forgot you used it to take pictures of the captivating views you saw during your hike. So what do you do? There are a few options as having a spare battery (if your phone has a removable one), or a case which contains an external battery. The other option would be a solar powered charger, which could be very costly in some cases and not as dependable as the...

Upcoming Backpacking And Camping Gear Reviews

Hey everyone!! With the warmer weather right around the corner, it is time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Stay tuned as we will have some upcoming reviews on backpacking and camping gear. We are not only choosing essential gear you could use to make your outdoor trips enjoyable; we are choosing gear that could become a vital part of your preparedness program.


There are a number of excellent backpacking/hiking First Aid Kits available from commercial providers. I prefer to put together my own kit. A basic backpacking First Aid Kit should contain, at a minimum:

Gear Review: RIBZ Front Pack

We all like bags and packs. Some would refer to preppers as pack rats or even hoarders due to the amount of gear and supplies we keep. I know most folks are always on the hunt for that one bag or pack that just fits the bill for most uses. Whether it be a bug-out / go bag or even for hitting the trails; you know we are always on the lookout for products or services that make your lives easier when it comes to preparedness. This is where I would like to introduce RIBZ Sportswear. You can read the preview I had written about them here. After checking...

Camp Security

Camp security is not generally an issue. Most people either camp in a campground with hundreds of people around or so far out in the sticks that bad guys are too lazy to go to them. Well incase you have been in a coma since y2k times have changed. That campground you have used for years may not be as safe as you once thought.