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Preventing The Apocalypse: Experts Plan Asteroid Early Warning System

The threat of an asteroid colliding with Earth is a real danger, as indicated by a large fireball and explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in early 2013. An early warning asteroid strategies report has been released. The report has been released as a public document following a workshop hosted by Secure World Foundation in September. However, the workshop results have yet to be reviewed by the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN)’s Steering Committee, or endorsed or adopted for implementation. Sergio Camacho, a workshop participant who...

NBC News: “Stock Up On Canned Goods”

On May 31, 2013 asteroid 1998-QE2 will be passing earth at a distance of approximately 3.6 million miles. The asteroid, believed to be a remnant of a comet, is about 1.7 miles wide, making it big enough to be a “global killer” should it ever strike earth. But because its trajectory puts it at about 15 times further away from the earth than the moon, astronomers say there’s no chance it’ll hit our planet on this pass.

‘City Killer’ Asteroid Will Pass Close To Earth on February 15th

NASA is expected to announce later today that a space rock, capable of wiping out a large city will make a pass of the Earth on 15th February. The rock, some 35 yards in size will pass at a distance of 17,000 miles from the Earths surface, thats 14 times closer than the moon is to our planet, closer even than many weather satellites in orbit.