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Silent Circle Smartphone App Encrypts Voice and Text for Private Communication

A group of software developers with a history in military intelligence have created a smartphone app that promises to encrypt voice and text messages for private communication.  There are already many encryption options in existence  but they are unfortunately difficult to use, which is a barrier for those without the skills, patience, or time to learn. Silent Circle promises to make encryption much easier for the average person.  After two years in development this revolutionary product has finally hit the market.

Gear Preview: My Gun DB

I know many of our readers exercise their Second Amendment rights on a regular basis. During the execution of this, you have acquired multiple firearms and sometimes you can lose track of what you have. Now that we live in a world of technology, things have become much easier to inventory and keep track of. I came across a computer application called My Gun DB, or My Gun Database.

New “Zombie Prepper” Role Playing Game

A recent explosion of growth in the phenomenon known as “Prepping” has seen thousands of Americans join the ranks of those anticipating everything from an economic collapse to a complete meltdown of civilization. Though not everyone within the prepper community agrees on exactly what might happen, most feel strongly that life as we know it could abruptly come to an end at almost any time. In light of this, Guerrilla Media, LLC – a small Florida start-up has launched an ambitious project to create a videogame app targeted directly at the...

New App Lets You Snitch on People for Homeland Security

In less time than it takes to play a turn in Words With Friends, smartphone users can report a “suspicious person” to the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security.

Emergency Apps For Your iPhone

Whether you are heading to work or the wilderness; a crucial part of your everyday carry gear are the preparations you have made for medical emergencies. You can have a great emergency medical kit with you, but if you don’t know how to properly use the items in the kit, they are almost worthless. For many of our readers who have been in emergency situations, things get hectic and you can forget vital information. This is natural. Most folks carry a smartphone with them and they are jam packed with Apps. We would like to suggest some Apps which...