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Resistance Arms Looks To Supply AK-47 Gun Kits To Americans

AK-47s and AK gun kits will soon be made in America, courtesy of the tireless efforts of Resistance Arms. The new gun company has been wading through the countless governmental red tape and funding hurdles necessary to get off the ground. The small company comprised of like-minded Second Amendment supporters is very close to realizing their dream. The folks at Resistance Arms firmly believe that law-abiding Americans should have access to the same quality weapon which is now mainly only held in the hands of our enemies.

The ALLAK47.com/Snakehound Machine RLTW AK-47

  This sexy beast is wearing a coat of tan duracoat. While the prototypes had some color added, typical rifles from Snakehound Machine will not be finished beyond stock parkerizing. Maybe the post of this rifle review should actually be “The ONE MOA AK.” Fair warning, this MAY blow your mind. If you suck at reading and prefer TV then watch the video. Or do both.

Magazine Reload Drill

I’ve been promising to do this for a while now, so here it is Ebbs! Hopefully this will help you guys when you train or if you decide to run a combat effective gun at one of those competitions or something.

ALL NEW Russian Izhmash AK-12 Rifle

I have to thank my amigo, Nicholas from FirearmApparel.com (just went through a site redesign and this dude spits out new shirt designs DAILY. Think I’m playing? Check them out!) for turning us on to this article through our Facebook Page this morning.

Tapco Saw Style AK-47 Grip

Tapco AK Grip
Today was like Christmas. You know how you forget about getting something awesome in that you ordered, then when it comes in you get super excited and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Well, that was me today when I saw an email saying my Tapco SAW Style Grip had made it in for my AK-47. The crazy part is this, I thought I would be the most pumped about this.

Rifle Drills Video – From All AK-47.Com

I am a firm believer in training. You cannot go out, purchase gear, and expect to be proficient without training. The crew at All AK-47 not only know everything about AKs, they also train. So there is no bullshit there!! Check them out!! AllAK47.com Rifle Drills