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Virginia Lawmaker Brandishes AK-47

This is just ridiculous!! A Virginia state lawmaker brandished an AK-47 on the floor of the state House of Delegates Thursday. Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey, a Democrat hailing from the Richmond area, showed off the weapon while pushing for tighter gun-control laws, The Washington Examiner reported.

Wear It Proudly!

Are you a Prepper? Wouldn’t you like your friends to be Preppers too? Well our friends at Firearm Apparel have come up with this new shirt to help you say loud and proud!! I like it and as you can tell, it suits me just fine. Just had to let it sit next to the 7.62 egg beater for some effect.

Gear Preview: Firearm Apparel

As you can tell by some of the posts on this site, I am pretty outspoken. I will stand up for what is right and I will defend your right to believe in what you believe. We convey our expressions and beliefs through Internet postings, signs, stickers, and of course t-shirts. One company that has done a great job of spreading the message of our Second Amendment rights is Firearm Apparel. While some may say the folks at Firearm Apparel just make t-shirts, hats,and decals, I will have to disagree.

Snake Hound Machine UBR – Ultimate Battle Rifle

The UBR, or Ultimate Battle Rifle is a concept that I’ve been kicking around for a long time. Something that I would design, scratch out, then design again as I found new parts that I thought would work better than what I had already picked out.

Kalashnikov 5: Brand-new AK-12 rifle unveiled (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kalashnikov have unveiled the latest incarnation of their iconic assault rifle, the AK-47. The company says new generation firearm called the AK-12 combines reliability with precision, and can be used with one hand.