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Video: 71-Year-Old Concealed Carry Holder Opens Fire on Two Would-Be Robbers

Late last week, a man heroically defended himself and a group of people against an armed holdup orchestrated by two young men by use of his own concealed weapon. This is how the tragedy in Aurora, CO. could have been averted!!

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

It may not come as surprising news to many of you that the United Nations doesn’t approve of our Second Amendment. Not one bit. And they very much hope to do something about it with help from some powerful American friends. Under the guise of a proposed global “Small Arms Treaty” premised to fight “terrorism”, “insurgency” and “international crime syndicates” you can be quite certain that an even more insidious threat is being targeted – our Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms.