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If you have followed us for some time, you know that we don’t hold back. Our mission is to bring you the best in preparedness information, along with current events, in order to give you a well rounded picture of what’s going on. We have done this since 2011 and we are honored to have grown with our readers since that time. It is now time for us to grow again and expand in order to meet the demands of the preparedness community. This is where we need your help.

We do not have traditional financial business backing such as loans, etc., or even a large financial backing as some sites do. Approximately 90 percent of our operating expenses are covered through out-of-pocket means. We do not have a ton of advertisers as found on other sites because we focus on the information we provide rather than the commercialism. With our recent launch of Prepper Central Magazine, we have poured all of our resources into it, which leaves less for this site. Our goal is to change this site in order to make it more interactive for our readers and increase the level of engagement for all in the community. How can you help, you ask? Keep reading and you will see.

We are not going to go the crowd funding route for this as we did with our magazine. A lot of folks do not like having to provide their personal information to an unknown third party, so this was a reason we did not reach our goal. Currently, we have a donate button on our site (on the left column), that everyone can use. This will also eliminate having to pay a huge percentage to a third party for using their website, which in turn means we can give more back to the community. We are hoping that our readers, supporters, and followers on social media will join us in this endeavor and make Prepper Central one of the top preparedness sites on the Internet.

If we received a $3.00 donation from every person who visited our site for a week, we would be self sufficient for the remainder of 2014. If you enjoy the information and content we provide, please consider helping our cause. You can also help us by sharing this article around the Internet on social media, email, etc. Thank you for your dedication and support of Prepper Central. We look forward to continual growth with you in 2014.



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