Tapco Saw Style AK-47 Grip

Today was like Christmas. You know how you forget about getting something awesome in that you ordered, then when it comes in you get super excited and can’t wait to get your hands on it?

Well, that was me today when I saw an email saying my Tapco SAW Style Grip had made it in for my AK-47. The crazy part is this, I thought I would be the most pumped about this.

Turns out after installing it that my AK/WASR seems to be the most excited! And we’re talking about a rifle that just got a whole crapload of gear from Mission First Tactical to wear, AND just last week he got a Magpul AFG2 grip added to the hand guard (sorry, you’ll have to wait to see the rest, shouldn’t be long I’ve got lots of AK rifle stuff to review). :)

Like I was saying… THIS THING IS HUGE! If you’ve ever handled an AK you’ll know that the stock grip is designed to fit a 10 year old girl, or a severely malnourished Russian infantryman. If your hands have any size to them at all, and you’re looking to burn through a thousand rounds in an afternoon you can expect fatigue to set in at about 200 rounds. I had had my heart set on an AK battle grip from US PALM but my buddy Owen over at ALLAK47.com insisted that I give the SAW grip a chance. Being that we’re nearly a genetic match in terms of physical build I took his advice and man am I glad I did. Can’t wait to get this dude out and shoot it! Until then, here’s a pic to hold you over…

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Tapco AK Grip

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