Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: You Shall Not Fear

I know our readers (and myself) waited with great anticipation for the new episode of Doomsday Preppers: You Shall Not Fear. As this season has progressed, it has become very interesting. We were given a look into the lives of three families (one single person) who prepare for whatever scenario they feel will occur. But for this episode, these three were very interesting. I will break down each of these three stories and interject my personal thoughts as well. I encourage our readers to join in the discussion. You know never know how your input might influence another person. Now onto the show.

The first family we had the opportunity to visit with was the Douglas Family from Maine. We were shown that they live in a remote area where they have the opportunity to be self-sufficient. Mr. Michael Douglas (not the actor) is a former U.S. Marine and he obviously has had survivalist training. Mr. Douglas is concerned there will be a situation where the stuff will hit the fan due to over population. So he has prepared his family to deal with this type of scenario. While I agree we are seeing a growth in population, I do not foresee this as being a staple for the demise of society.

The Douglas family does conduct training in preparation for whatever may come. From food gathering to shelter building, they seem to have it covered. But I have a few concerns about their situation. It appears that one of Mr. Douglas’s Sons does not have much interest in prepping as his siblings. I think he should be allowed to do what he would like, but maybe a different approach should be used with him. Each family has a way of dealing with things. I will say the bird calls and understanding them was really cool. While I wish I had that skill, I would not depend on it for a security system. Mr. Douglas claims the birds would alert his family to intruders and this would give them approximately five minutes to prepare. I do not believe that five minutes would be adequate time, and the birds might not be as dependable as another type of alarm.

My biggest concern for this family was the absence of firearms. I am sure since Mr. Douglas has been in the military, he is well aware that the bad guys carry guns and are not afraid to use them. Though this may be a personal choice, I feel he should rethink this and arm himself as he has children to protect. An armed group of thugs will be difficult to fend off with sticks and tomahawks alone. In any case, I do feel the Douglas Family is well prepared for an event.

The second family was the Hall Family in Kansas. We really met with Mr. Larry Hall as he is building an underground luxury survival condo which would house seventy preppers. He is preparing for multiple scenarios. Having invested three million into the project, I would  have to say that Mr. Hall is very serious about prepping. I have heard of folks doing this before, but this was really neat as it uses an abandoned nuke silo as the foundation. While the price tag for your personal condo is steep at over one million dollars, it is a keen idea. But as you know, there are always questions and concerns with ideas. One of the scenarios Mr. Hall mentioned was that of a solar storm (rather an EMP), in which I am sure most of the assets would be protected since they are underground, but would they. I do not claim to be an expert on EMPs, but I would be concerned about the power coming into the facility and the elaborate security system they have in place.

One real concern I had was that of placing approximately seventy strangers in an underground facility for an extended period of time. I know that Mr. Hall is building this as a business per se, but it could also turn out to be a disaster if he does not play this right. I believe that like minded folks make good company, but you also need to know each others strengths and weaknesses. Having necessary skill sets is very important, but if personalities clash, that is another story. But I feel this is a great idea and I look forward to seeing the end result.

Last we met Becky Brown from Salt Lake City, Utah. Ms. Brown is preparing for the government to declare martial law and take control of everything. As any citizen, I am concerned about this as well, but let’s take a look at what Ms. Brown shared with us. First I will say that Ms. Brown has spent a lot of money (more than $50,000) on her preparedness program. It appears she has enough long term food supplies to hold her over for a while. She also has multiple bug-out bags set up for different situations. Very cool. But let’s look a little deeper.

Ms. Brown has shared her preps with close friends. I give applause to her for educating them on how to become self-sufficient in time of turmoil. If we educate others who we love and care for, this should make life a tad bit easier when the SHTF. One concern I had was that Ms. Brown stated that her prepping has hindered her from having a long term relationship. Spending 4 hours per day thinking about prepping is not out of the norm, but interpersonal relationships are very important. She should find like-minded people to associate with. If she could become part of a group, this would greatly increase her chances of surviving any issue in her area. I understand she chose a location near the capital, but I am not completely sure why. I would want to be as far from the government as possible.

Last but not least for Ms. Brown, I would recommend she use some funds to obtain some training in self-defense and firearms. We saw “Bob the Contractor” who was über tactical, but I feel Ms. Brown should start from the basics. Shooting a tricked bolt action sniper rifle at 200 yards is neat, but in reality, any out of the box AK or AR can do that. Basic firearms operation should come first.

I enjoyed watching this episode. While we all have our opinions on preparedness, it is still fun to look into the lives of others for a little while. You may learn something you never knew. Until next week. Stay safe and stay prepared!

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  2. i think what sticks out mostly is that the majority of these preppers on the show are very wealthy, way beyond the means of the average person

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