Glock Rear Sight Laser Review

Just a couple weeks ago Laserlyte announced an all new version of their rear sight laser for Glock pistols, the Laserlyte RTB-GL. This rear sight drop in replacement laser is unique in that it fits ALL standard Glock pistols and essentially serves as a replacement (even looks like a Glock sight pattern) for the Glock rear sight without requiring the use of a different holster, replacement of grips or adding to or modifying the frame in any way.

Activation is easy with a button located on the rear left portion on the sight which is also the battery compartment. It can be switched on with either the right or left hand so it’s not partial to righties or south paws in general. The RTB-GL rear sight laser also has a full beam mode and a pulse mode that can be changed simply by holding down the “ON” button for 5 seconds.

Despite being very rigid and strong, the lightweight laser drop in did not affect the speed of slide cycling or carry in my OWB leather or IWB leather holsters. Though reholstering all the way down was not a fast operation.


  • Ambidextrous use.
  • Easy drop-in installation.
  • Compact unit allows for normal usage without any change in standard Glock rear sight visual.
  • Laserlyte includes not 1 full set of batters, but 2 sets of batteries with a 5 hour constant on battery life.
  • FULL ON and PULSE mode allow the shooter to customize preference for their laser sight.
  • Small, does not affect most leather or kydex style holsters.
  • VERY easy to zero. Includes all necessary allen wrenches for windage and elevation adjustment.
  • VERY durable. Carried for 10 days heavy use and intentional abuse with no ill effect in appearance or function.
  • Laser has an auto-off function. Has a unique intermittent flash pattern after 5 minutes left on, then turns itself off after 6 minutes of being left on.
The laserlyte did rest on the top of the holster, but fortunately still allowed it to be held entirely as it did with the factory site.


  • Battery compartment and laser body block typical rear sight visual for fast target acquisition while using pistols sights over laser.
  • Creates just enough bulk to potentially make gun noticeable depending on carry style. Difference is marginal, but with my Louisville Leather IWB holster it barely clears and sticks out just enough to pick out under my shirt (see picture).


You can read more at Haus of Guns

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  1. When I had my gunshop for 15 years I sold Laserlyte and was very happy with their quality and craftsmanship. They sell most of their inventory to law enforcement and military special ops. This is a product you can count on. It can seem a bit pricey, but it is an investment that you won’t regret. This laser mounting system works well most open top tactical belt holsters and thigh holsters. Also designed to help with one handed reload technique.

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