Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: It’s All Gonna Hit The Fan

During last night’s Doomsday Preppers episode on NatGeo, we were introduced to three families who were definitely worth watching. If you watched, you will understand where I am coming from with this.

The first family gave us a good look at what a SHTF situation would mean to our country’s main supply artery; truckers. I truly enjoyed this as it seems he really does have his preparedness plan in order. One statement he made really struck home, was that we need to get this country back to what it used to be. He is absolutely correct!!

If you followed their story, this gentleman is a retired police officer and they lost their home to foreclosure during the 2008 economic crisis. Even though his wife is battling cancer, she is staying very positive during this. I was very impressed with how organized they were and how prepared they are. I know during the exercise that his brother had set up, he fell victim to wanting to help someone. I believe this is a trait that any Prepper has. But it was a lesson learned.

The next family was prepping for a pandemic. Now, I thought this was interesting because Donna concentrated on the seclusion and destruction of any bacteria which might come into their home. While they are readily prepared to deal with a pandemic, I did not hear anything about other vital aspects to prepping.

I don’t know if it was for the cameras or what have you, but if Donna does this on a regular basis, it made me feel like she was a little OCD with this. While I commend her on the pandemic kits, I would suggest trying to educate people in mass, rather than going house to house. This can scare the crap out of people. We don’t need any additional bad publicity. But keep doing what you are doing for those around you.

Last but not least we had the family from Jacksonville, Florida. Their ultimate goal was to move to 131 acres of land in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. I agree with this  idea for personal reasons, I also have to put out there that it is not practical for everyone. We already know that people are going to “head for the hills” during a SHTF situation. Having a place up there that is your permanent spot is a good idea. But they only had their family, and 131 acres to protect is a huge task. My biggest concern is security. They need to find other like-minded folks and come up with a plan.

Though this idea is attractive, people still need to figure out how to survive financially. The options for making a good income, etc. are very limited in these areas. So this would be a life changing event for some folks.

In conclusion, I liked this episode even though I am a little concerned about the pandemic folks. I think everyone had their preps in order and knew what to do. I would be interested to see where they are at about a year from now. So until next week, have fun and stay safe.

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