TEOTWAWKI – What Does It Mean To You?

We have seen the acronym TEOTWAWKI everywhere. We know it stands for “the end of the world as we know it”, but what does it really mean to you? What is your end of the world scenario? Let’s explore some of the different scenarios which could be any individual’s apocalyptic scenario.

With the recent economic down turn, the American dream has faded away for many people. With families losing their homes, cars, savings, and in some cases, their children’s college fund; some of these folks believe it is the end of the world. I know some of our readers have experienced difficult times in their lives and thought it was the end. No matter how many times someone told you that things will work out, you could not see that at the moment. So how does someone prepare for this scenario?

First and foremost, mental preparedness is crucial. Stay informed with current events and what is going on in your life. Your investments, your job, anything that can have an adverse effect on your family or livelihood. Become proactive and not reactive. If the writing is on the wall about the possibility of your job being lost, start to prepare both mentally and financially. Get the family onboard with cutting back. Make the tough decisions on what luxuries need to be cut back or eliminated all together. Also, start to stock up on food and necessities. Doing this will save you money and grief. Finding the best online brokerage to invest your funds, however, won’t.

Another scenario one might face could be weather related. Whether it is a snow storm or an earthquake, if you are not prepared, it could be devastating. The fact people are sitting on a nice savings is now few and far between. Most folks are living paycheck to paycheck. So if something were to happen to where you would need a large sum of money in order to continue, would you be able to do it? In the current economic situation, you need to ask yourself this question. You can prepare in other ways. One way is to have a plan on where you would go if you were unable to stay in your current location. Could you stay with friends and family, and if so, for how long? Make arrangements in advance so if you needed to execute a plan and there would not be any surprises.

Keep in mind, these are only two scenarios out of many, but I think you get the point. The signs are out there and we need to be listening. As I stated earlier, the acronym TEOTWAWKI can have different meanings to different people, but in the end, being mentally prepared for anything can mean the difference in terms of survival.

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