Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Back To The Stone Age

So last night, NatGeo provided us with another installment of Doomsday Preppers. This episode was appropriately named Back to the Stone Age. Of course the guests were from different backgrounds and were prepping for different SHTF situations. As with the previous episodes, you have everyone in different parts of the country and each possess different resources. I agree with this and it gives the viewers tips on what they can do to prepare, but once again, I am a little disappointed with how the show went.

The first family they showed were the Ralstons who I believe are in Arizona. They are prepping for an EMP attack and are currently in the process of building an underground bug out location in the desert. The first topic was a tool they had designed with some friends. I am all for small business, but the shameless plug was a little over the top. Now for the good part of this segment. They are in the desert shooting rifles and the Mr. Ralston shoots himself in the thumb!! Come on!! We know that most preppers have firearms, but practicing firearm safety should be at the top of the list. What good are you going to be if you are incapacitated during a real SHTF situation? Please practice firearm safety.

Now the next segment featured a New York Fire Department Fire Fighter, Jason Charles. I want to first thank Mr. Charles for putting his life on the line to save others. Second, Mr. Charles did respond to the World Trade Center during the September 11th attacks, thank you Sir.I was impressed by Mr. Charles’s preps and his determination to survive a SHTF situation. Not only did he methodically choose the items he has, he also sought training of a professional self-defense instructor. What I like is that he is not throwing money at the issue, he is learning skills. As suggested by the “experts”, Mr. Charles will be looking for bug out locations and other people to group with. I hope he finds a good group. My hat is off to you Sir.

The next on the show was the Gervaes Family. These folks have taken self-sustained food growing to the extreme. I believe being able to provide for your family and living off the grid is one thing; but the area they are in does not allow them to really live this lifestyle. One thing I liked was the idea of using biodiesel, but it looks like the process is very complicated for the average prepper. I was concerned that they did not discuss how they keep their garden from others. I would not want to share my security preparedness either, but when the people in their area get hungry, it will become interesting.

Last but not least, we have the Brabble Family from North Carolina. Now I like North Carolina and the hospitable folks from there. We were allowed into the Brabble’s secret room to see the food they store. One aspect of prepping they consider important was to have items to barter with. These items included alcohol. While I agree with this, I thought the amount they had was a little overkill. There are many other items which would be more important to spend that money on. Not everyone will want to barter for alcohol. The one thing that really burned me was how they allowed us to see the amount of firearms they have. I like guns, but this was a concern. If you want to collect and have more than the local police department, then that is fine but keep a low profile with this. Now that we know they are well armed and have a large stockpile, they have become a target. I just don’t get it.

Once again, NatGeo has really baffled me with these “experts” they have to provide the guests with feedback. Each and every time, these experts said the scenarios these folks are prepping for are unlikely to occur. Can I borrow their crystal ball? They said that there would be little chance for an economic collapse. Are you freaking kidding me? What country do they live in? I hope next week’s episode is good, but I hope the viewers were able to gain some information from this episode. Till next week, stay safe!

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6 Responses to Doomsday Preppers Episode Afterthoughts: Back To The Stone Age

  1. I was being looked at for the doomsday preppers show but i guess that they didn’t think that i was show material but now that i have seen the episodes i’m glad that i wasn’t selected.

  2. Heh, one thing even I didn’t think of to barter with till my wife suggested it…. salt.

    With all the manufactured food most people eat there is way more salt than our body needs. After a SHTF, and you have to start growing your own food, guess what, no salt(for the most part anyway).

    Shine is not a bad idea, I’m thinking of getting a still together, maybe. High % alcohol has uses other than killing brain cells.

  3. yeah i had many of the same thoughts about the episode. and like you, i’d be worried if i was the guy with an arsenal of guns, a warehouse of liquor, and a propensity for making maltov cocktails. seems like he’d be a target by the bad guys as well as the “good guys” (cops or ATF). I think the firefighter is on the right track if you actually have to prep in the big city, and i’m not from NYC so i dont know the rules on guns. But he said they cant have “handguns,” if you could have shotguns a nice 12 gauge coach gun or 870 pump would be great to have. much better than a samurai sword…

    and the guy in arizona was worried about an EMP but has to drive his new jeep 45 minutes to his bug out location in the desert… not sure how that is going to work.

    still glad they have the show though, and i get ideas from it here and there.

    i had thought about salt already like you mentioned and started stocking some, but the real thing we’d be short on is black pepper. that is something that is imported and you can’t really get anywhere, but not an essential, just something that would make a lot of food a lot better.

    just some thoughts.

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