Will Your Gear Work When Needed?

So here it is. You have been gathering gear to use for the day when you truly need it. Now, that day has come and what happens? It doesn’t work! The LED flashlights you packed in your bug-out bag, the GPS you had which stored all your “locations” doesn’t work because the batteries are dead. So, what happens now? Being prepared is not just about having a bag or cache full of gear, but it is about being able to overcome the obstacles you may face with gear that works.

I know I was a little drastic in the beginning, but when things go wrong, it is pretty much Murphy’s Law that everything else will follow. When it comes to getting gear together, I like making a list. It won’t take you long but it will save you a headache in the long run. This may be a little too detailed, but including the date you either changed the batteries in your electronics you store. Recording the last time you rotated your medical gear will be crucial in the effectiveness.

So the next time you add a new piece to your stash, make sure the gear you already have will work. During uncertain times, it is nice to have something you can count on.

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