Hitting The Trails: Initial Thoughts

Yesterday was day number two of my hiking adventure and I will say I have learned much more. I did not write about the first day as I only put two miles in that day because I was really taking in the scenery. But yesterday was one of the coldest days we have had this Winter and I was able to complete six miles on the trails. It was great to increase the hike by four miles.

So what did I learn? The first thing was to make sure you bring the right clothing. It is common sense and I did not screw up too badly. What I did was check my local temperature (in the city) and not the temperature of where the trails are at. There was a considerable difference in the temps, so I would have brought a heavier jacket. But I survived. I did bring the other gear (gloves, watch cap, etc.) that I would need and it saved my ass from a frigid hike.

Hiking 2:12Being prepared before I walked out the door included a breakfast with some good carbs and proteins to provide me the energy I needed. I think this is very important and overlooked because I am guilty of doing this for other activities. I did pack some food for the hike, but I really didn’t find myself hungry until I got home. But whatever you do; make sure you take some food with you incase anything happens. You never know.

One thing I would like to discuss is trail etiquette. The trails I visited allow mountain bikes and horses. We are all out there to have a good time and need to share the trails. But being respectful goes a long way as I have seen. There were a few instances when some folks rode up on horses. I stopped walking and waited until they passed. The riders were very thankful and I can understand why. So if you run into this, allow them the right of way. Plus taking a breather to review my map wasn’t a bad idea.

Now my last observation on this hike was my shoes. I wore my Merrell Jungle Mocs and they held up pretty well to the cold and slipperyMerrell Jungle Moc surfaces. But one thing I am very concerned about is ankle support. The terrain dictates this with the tree roots, rocks, etc. There were a few times when I slipped and my ankle took the brunt. My future plans include finding some hiking boots that will provide both comfort and ankle support. I’ll be looking at a hiking boot guide and reviews so I can find the pair that will suit my needs best.

So even though this was day number two for me, I have many more to go and I plan on keeping you informed on how to make the right decisions when starting out in hiking.

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  1. I got the Merrell Chameleon4 hiking boots and are the absolute best.

    Yeah I agree with ankle support, hiking with a sprained ankle is not a nice thing to be doing.

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