H.o.G. Anniversary Gun Giveaway!

Our friends over at Haus of Guns are having an awesome giveaway to celebrate their one year anniversary. We wanted to share this with our readers, so go and check them out. Don’t forget to tell them that we sent ya!!

Yes you read it correctly! In the first post this morning you saw us goosh all about our first year in the gun review world. So now I’m gonna shut up and tell you about our gift to you for OUR first anniversary!!! We’re doing a gun giveaway, FOR YOU. Which gun?

First off this is essentially a WEEK LONG grand prize giveaway. The drawing will be done approximately one WEEK from today on February 14th, yes VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Below is the list of all three items in the First Birthday Present. And below that is the “HOW TO” and rules for entering and participating in the gun giveaway. Please take the time to read it all so you know exactly how things work.

FIRST, The ALL new Armory Racks 2 Gun Rack fromArmoryRacks.com. Ryan from RJK Ventures, the main proprietor of ArmoryRacks.com (you’ve seen our reviews of the4 gun and 8 gun racks) has generously provided us with their all new bedside gun storage system, allowing you to store 2 handguns WITH (or without) their holsters where they can be had quickly and easily in a pinch.

SECOND, yesterday we gave away a pair of Revision Military Vipertail ballistic sunglasses on our Facebook Page. For our Haus of Guns Birthday Grand Prize Gun Giveaway package we’re adding a pair of my absolute favorite shooting glasses.The Revision Hellfly photochromic (transition) ballistic safety glasses. These are the MOST comfortable adaptable shooting glasses you can find. Wear them indoors and/or outdoors, with or without headgear and with earplugs or earmuffs these things rock. Revision is a major supplier of eyewear to our armed forces and we’re bringing them to you. The Hellfly retail at $80 respectively, so these definitely aren’t just a “throw in.”

FINALLY… a week ago on the Facebook Page (see cool stuff happens there, you should “LIKE” us!) I asked if given the choice between a Ruger 10/22 or a Henry Lever Rimfire (check out our review!) which would you choose? The consensus was overwhelming on the side of the Henry, like 5 to 1 overwhelming in response. It’s a good thing too, because if I’m going to give something away it better be a gun I want to have myself. If I want a 10/22, I want it tac’d out. Hardcore, to the max. Unfortunately right now it’s a bit cost prohibitive (had to sell one of my TC Encore barrels to pay for the Henry!) for us to buy and give away, but a Henry? DEFINITELY.

Not only is the Henry affordable enough, but I don’t personally have one and I WANT ONE REAL BAD! That’s right, I’ve bought a gun, to give to you, that I don’t have myself. Even better? This is the Henry Lever Action Carbine. Which means its the large loop lever model. Think Rooster Cogburn in his “Fill yer hands!” charge at the end of True Grit. It’s sort of a mini rimfire version of the 1892 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine!

To recap, if you enter this giveaway you could win anArmoryRacks 2 Gun Rack, a pair of Revision HellflyPhotochrom ballistic shooting glasses, AND a HENRY LEVER ACTION CARBINE!!! How’s that for a happy birthday grand prize?!?!?!?!? Buy all of these new retail + tax you’re looking at upwards of $500!


There’s essentially 3 ways to enter this gun giveaway. You can do any 1 of them for one entry or ALL THREE for THREE entries! OH, AND IT STARTS NOW!

1. Comment on this post. Tell me how bad you want that Henry and the other fixins.

2. Share the giveaway on the Twitterverse (follow us if you haven’t) with the EXACT phrase: I want @HausofGuns to give me a Henry Lever Action Carbine for their first birthday!!! http://www.hausofguns.com/?p=2425 #HOGHENRY

3. SHARE (and tag) our Facebook Page, http://facebook.com/hausofguns with ALL your Facebook friends on your timeline. Once you’ve shared the Page, then post on our page timeline with: HAUS OF GUNS, PLEASE GIMME THAT HENRY! If you’re not already a fan, you’ll need to “LIKE” our Facebook Page THEN share it.

GIVEAWAY DISCLAIMER: By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to the fact that you are over 18 and able to own and purchase firearms legally. This grand prize gun giveaway is only applicable to Haus of Guns fans living in the continental United States. That’s right California guys, you’re welcome to jump on this! The winner will be required to provide current shipping information and a valid FFL to receive their Henry Lever Carbine from Marty at HausofArms.com. We will ONLY ship to an FFL holder and not an individual per BATFE rules. Feel free to ask if you have questions, otherwise good luck!

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6 Responses to H.o.G. Anniversary Gun Giveaway!

  1. This gun would go to my sister who just started prepping this year. Would make me feel better knowing she has this tool.

  2. I totally want this give away. I want to teach my boys the responsibility of Gun ownership and marksmanship.

  3. I want this giveaway very much! We’re Preppers and are relocating to Texas in about 8 months and my family are already there, working and looking at property, while I remain in Arizona until we get our home sold. It’s taking a long time! I’ve long wanted a Henry rifle but the added expenses of moving makes it impossible. Thank you for the opportunity and I’d like to wish everyone good luck!

  4. That’s a fine-looking repeater–the large loop and trigger gaurd looks like it would be easy to shoot with gloves.

  5. I really want to win that Henry Rifle because it reminds me of the repeater my grandfather used to shoot with while he was alive. I would love to own one myself for the nostalgia as well as the obvious fun factor. Thanks for the giveaway!

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