Survival Adventure Network – Video

One of the productions that Canterbury’s Pathfinder School has created, is a project called the Survival Adventure Network. The episode below, entitled Deer Camp, is a documentary video of a group of everyday people placed in a pretty realistic wilderness survival scenario – “Real People engaged in True Survival Training Scenarios.” With a minimum of provided supplies, the participants are given freedom to create their own shelters, explore their surroundings, and utilize whatever they can find.

The project has the potential to be both entertaining and an information gold mine, I think. Seeing other folks suffer, guess at, and either fail or succeed – to a student, this is revealing to see what physical and mental reactions you can expect in a similar situation. The cold and the wet, it translates very well from this video into the viewer’s imagination!

It is a long video, and Dave provides occasional commentary on what his observations are for the group and their strategies. Very good stuff…


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