Gear Preview: Foster Impact Devices Coin Sap

Are you the ‘gray man or woman” when you are out and about? Do you keep a low profile and tend to stay in the background? If so, then we have something you may be interested in. If you have read our past articles, you know that we take self defense/self preservation seriously. We strongly believe that you should have the right (and ability) to protect yourself and your loved ones. We are aware that many of our readers may not be allowed to carry a firearm in the state they reside (unjust laws), but don’t fear, we are going to introduce you to a product that will help you achieve a feeling of security wherever you may go without the hassle.

I like sharp and pointy objects along with things that go bang, but in my opinion, impact devices should be one of your top go-to choices for self defense. One type of impact device that is very effective but no longer really discussed is the sap. There is so much history in regards to the sap, but we will get into that later. The team at Foster Impact Devices have taken the traditional sap to a new level. They have designed a sap that you can not only use to beat the “bad guy” with, but you can carry a good amount of spare change on you at the same time. It is call the Coin Sap.


Imagine having the ability to carry enough dimes, quarters, nickels, and even pennies to buy yourself some lunch while carrying an effective impact device at the same time? Great idea! Stay tuned as we will soon post our review of the Coin Sap. In the meantime, check out Foster Impact Devices to see some of the products they offer.




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