Gear Review: Ranger Up T-Shirts

Ranger-Up-Prepper-CentralIf you are a Veteran or know one, you know that they are some of the most dedicated and patriotic Americans you will ever meet. Though they might not be active duty or even reserves any longer, they still display never ending pride and love for their country and fellow patriot. I cannot tell you enough how much of an honor it is to shake the hand of a Veteran who has served in wars past and present. They have so much to contribute to our communities and our nation as a whole. So when we have the opportunity to work with a Veteran owned and operated business, we will make sure to share them with everyone on the Internet.

Please allow us to introduce Ranger Up. If you are former military, especially Army, you know what that means. Ranger Up is owned by Veterans who are former U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Ranger-Up-Prepper-CentralInfantrymen. All who have combat experience and a deep love for our great nation. The company offers a large variety of t-shirts, leather wallets, signs, posters, and even iPhone cases with sharp and witty military or patriotic phrases. With Memorial Day right around the corner, we reached out to Ranger Up and picked up a t-shirt that fit the Memorial Day theme very well.

Ranger-Up-Prepper-CentralThe shirt we ordered is called the Memorial Day Legacy t-shirt. On the front of the shirt is a verse from the Bible, John 15:13; “Great love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”, and the back is a quote from General George S. Patton Jr.; “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.” I don’t know about you, but when I saw these quotes on this shirt I got choked up. I know many Veterans can identify with these statements and it means more to them than most people. There are bonds that last a lifetime and I am glad that the team at Ranger Up have brought this to light with their products.

The Memorial Day Legacy shirt arrived quickly. It was neatly packaged in a plastic cover which protected the shirt from any unsightly hazards during transport. But I will say when I opened up the shirt to inspect it, I was Ranger-Up-Prepper-Centralimpressed. The pictures on the website do not do this shirt justice. The color and quality of the print are outstanding. While the shirt is 100% cotton, the feel and texture is top quality. This was not some low quality t-shirt you buy elsewhere. It is evident that the Ranger Up Team takes pride in their products as the company logo is boldly printed where the t-shirt tag usually is.

Attached to the shirt is a tag that states the company’s mission. It is clear cut and a message that you will not forget any time soon. When you browse through the many t-shirts and items on their website, you can tell that this team brings a lot to the table. They don’t only have normal fit t-shirts, they also offer athletic and vintage fit as well. They even offer many to choose from for the Ladies.

With a retail price of $22.00, you cannot pass this deal up! Whether you are prior service and want to show your support, or you support our brave men and women who put themselves in harms way; make sure you visit the folks over at Ranger Up for some great gear. We ALWAYS support Veteran owned businesses and we encourage you to as well.


Stay safe out there!



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