Remember OPSEC?

Well it seems that the mainstream media has gotten a hold of the “prepper crowd” once again and this one will make you shake your head.  On April 23rd, ABC News published a story so eloquently called, “This Is How Preppers Do Spring Cleaning“. While the title is corny, it does not stop there.

Apparently, the reporter reached out to Phil Burns of American Preppers Network. Phil states that they recommend checking your Bug Out / Go Bags every six months and making it a tradition. While I agree with this, I will say that you should be doing more than just checking every six months. He also mentioned near the end of the article that you should be practicing your skills more often. Use them or lose them I might say. Kudos on this as we preach this philosophy as well. This isn’t what has me shaking my head.

It looks like Phil submitted some pictures with his family’s bags and their contents strewn all over the floor of their home. While the picture quality is so so, I don’t understand why we need to see all of it. But this isn’t what bothers me. It is the two pictures below:

Prepper Cleaning 1


Prepper Cleaning 2


The first picture is what concerns me. We all know that when it comes to the mainstream media, they aren’t always truthful and most of the time have a hidden agenda. With all the controversy with gun control, people who prepare and patriots being deemed terrorists, the last thing we need is to add fuel to the fire. Let’s start with why I find the first picture a bad idea. The bag is a black tacti-cool gear bag. If this is your cup of tea, rock with it. But the handgun and large k-bar style knife should have been set aside from the picture. While you have some necessary items in there like the passport for identification and pens, flashlights, etc., there are some that should have been left out. I hope Phil is a sworn law enforcement officer, because carrying handcuffs with that pistol will get you arrested in some localities. Then there is the loose round in the middle of the survival bracelet (you could have made this picture a little more organized), and last but not least, the cool pry bar tool. I hope this isn’t Phil’s daily carry bag.

The second bag does have the tactical look as well, but what really gets me is the patch with the warning that you would find on a Claymore Mine; “Front Toward Enemy”. Really? This should have been shared with the world? I am all about self expression and stuff, but there is a time and place for it. This doesn’t help you convince people who are teetering on preparedness or not.

In the end, I am not picking on Phil and the American Preppers folks. All I am saying is use some common sense when discussing or disclosing anything with anyone. We have been approached by mainstream media for things like this and we are careful with what we share and who we talk to. While it is important to teach others how to prepare and become self reliant, it is also important to keep OPSEC at the forefront of your plan. What has the government been doing? Recent news ring a bell? You never know.

Stay safe!


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