Urban Survival Tin

You can never be too prepared. But you can have gear that won’t help you for the situation you are in. I know this may sound elementary, but you would take hiking gear on a hike, and hunting gear on a hunt. So why should one ultra-compact kit be the end all for any situation? It can’t. This is why we have specific items that are appropriate for specific situations.

I want to use the idea of a small survival tin for example. While there are some that contain fishing line, a compass, paracord, etc., this will be great for being stuck out in the woods. But if you were in the middle of a major city, this kit would be useless. So what do you do? Go and spend a ton of cash buying loads of gear? Not at all. Being creative can alleviate this. Gearing up for the right occasion can save you a lot of headaches.

We found a video of a neat urban survival tin. I like the fact that the items used are based on your individual needs. This video gives some insight as to how you can make your own and it should give you some suggestions on what to carry. Keep in mind that this is only a reference. You are ultimately responsible for what will and will not work for you.

Here is the PDF with all the contents of this tin:

Urban Altoids Survival Tin

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