Shotguns for Home Defense

Defending your castle. This should not only come naturally but you should always look for ways to improve. One tool that most people look to for home defense is the shotgun. While there are so many choices in the market, there are still some basics that you should follow and think about when it comes to shotguns.

I do believe that you should have at least three types of firearms in your home; a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Basically your own three-gun challenge. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in regards to the situation. When things go bump in the night, you always want the best option.

Even though there are so many opinions about firearms and tactics, it is up to you to come up with what works best for you. We found a video from James Yeager about the myths and realities of shotguns for home defense. We hope you can take some useful information away from it.

What are your thoughts?


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