FAB Defense ‘K.P.O.S.’ Pistol to Carbine Conversion Kit

I am a Glock fan, so I am always on the lookout for gear and goodies for mine. I came across a conversion kit that caught my eye and I wanted to pass it along to my readers. The folks at FAB Defense have come up with the K.P.O.S. Personal Defense Weapon Converter  which converts certain Glock and Sig Sauer pistol models into a small carbine.

I like a small, maneuverable carbine for both personal protection and home defense.  It will be interesting and fun to have a choice of calibers and magazine capacity. I look forward to the release as I am sure my Glock Model 23 can use a nice facelift!

Here is the information and specifications from FAB Defense’s website:'K.P.O.S.' Pistol to Personal Defense Weapon

Our ‘K.P.O.S.’ Pistol to Personal Defense Weapon Converter is the most compact and durable PDW converter available which incorporates a Five-point ergonomic weapon grip, a one-point tactical sling adapter, and a fold-to-the side compact Buttstock with rubber Buttpad. Our inovative patented design which securely locks the gun to the frame in both the front and back, makes it a ‘Rock-Solid’ system crowning it the ‘King’ of Personal Defense Weapon conversions incorporating FAB’S Lifetime Warranty.


  • Designed for Proffessional and Tactical Teams, Ideal for Personal Protection and S.W.A.T.
  • Excellent Concealability Capability,Very Compact in Size,Smaller than a Mini-Uzi
  • Manufactured with Super Solid Precision Machined Aluminum 6061-T6 Hard Anodized 40-45 Micron
  • Appropriately Ventilated Design Prevents Extreme Heat Up
  • Improves Your Handguns Accuracy and Range
  • Top Quality Aluminum Manufacture Reduces Part Carbon Buildup
  • Versatile Fold-to-the Side Compact Buttstock with Rubber ButtPad
  • May Operate when Stock is in Folded Position
  • Vertical Foregrip Folds to Horizontal Position and Transforms into a Versatile, Presure Button Controlled, Extendable Triggerguard When in Non- Operational Mode
  • Retains Use of the Original Iron Sights
  • Allows Mounting of a Foregrip,Tactical Flashlight, Optics, Laser
  • Silencer Compatible
  • Quick and Easy Installation , No Gunsmith Required
  • Lifetime WarrantyThe K.P.O.S. is Available for the Below Handgun Models:
    • Glock C
    • Glock 17/17L/19/22/23/34/35
    • Glock 18
    • Glock 21
    • Sig 226
    • Sig 2022 (Pro)
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