Let’s Celebrate!

We would like to take a moment and ask everyone to join us in celebrating S.P.’s birthday this week!!

As you may know, S.P. is the founder of Prepper Central and through hard work and perseverance he has made Prepper Central what it is today. The relationship between Prepper Central and our readers is phenomenal. Over the years, S.P. has bridged the gap between the preparedness community and many other industries. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

In light of this, the folks over at iSurvival Gear are not just celebrating with us, but they would like to bring you on board this party bus too! For the remainder of the month you can use coupon code; SPBIRTHDAY20 and you will receive 20% off your complete order. This awesome and we thank the folks at iSurvival Gear for making this happen for our readers.

Even though we know that S.P. will see this and we don’t care so…. Happy Birthday Old Man! What are you like 100 years old now? LOL! Either way we wish you many more years to come.

If anyone would like to send anything, we have our donate button on the website and you can also email us if you like. We heard he needs a new dehydrator.

Celebrate and gear up everyone!



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