Are We On The Brink?

We have people in the Ukraine fighting for freedom. Then we have the Russian Army moving in to take advantage of the situation. Our psychopath friend in North Korea is test firing missiles as a show of force, along with the Russians who just test fired an ICBM which is adding fuel to the fire in the Ukraine. Are you worried yet?

I am not worried at all. Why? Before I answer this you’re probably going to say it is because I feel safe with food, gear, etc. Well you are wrong. The truth is being aware of what is going on and having a “heads up” as to what could be coming down the pipe is priceless in my book. Foresight is a huge asset in preparedness and here is why it fits with our current events.

We have so many issues going on in the world. Of course the biggest issue is Russia and the Ukraine. There are other key events happening that folks should be keeping an eye on. But most are not and this is where having the “blinders” on will get you in trouble and possibly killed. Am I being dramatic or paranoid? No.

Here is a scenario:

Russia decides to use force and take control of the Ukraine. The entire international community is focused on this while North Korea has decided to employ the use of the huge EMP weapons they have been developing with help from Russia and China. So before we have a chance to avert the detonation of these devices, the western seaboard of the United States is completely blacked out.

Now do I have your attention? Keep in mind this is just one possible scenario. While there has been so much attention placed on EMP and its effects, who would be surprised? Can you prepare against this scenario? Yes you can. In the past, we have discussed Faraday cages, hardening your communications equipment, and having the ability to survive off the grid for an extended period of time. But that is not all.

You can start to plan now for an unforeseen event such as the one I have described. Make a plan to get your family home safe and possibly to a safe place if you have one outside of the city. Have a plan to stay in communication with family outside of town. Make arrangements to meet up at a specific location if you or another loved one will be traveling to meet you. Redundancy is key in this planning.

Most of all, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open. Having a heads up on what is going on can mean life or death if you have the opportunity to act before others do.

What is your plan?


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