Finding Peace In Chaos

If you consider yourself a prepper, I am sure you are in a constant state of worry whether you want to admit it or not. For some people, just the thought of preparing for a disaster or catastrophe creates stress. The bad part is that nothing has even happened yet and you may be stressed out. So how will you cope if and when something happens?

History can teach us how to do this. While there are so many horrible events through history that we can reference, we can find so many folks who lived to talk about it and still live normal lives. I am not saying that heinous  acts or traumatic events cannot have adverse effects on a person, what I am saying is that some folks have developed serious coping skills.

We have loved ones who have returned from combat and are forced to live with the memories of the horrible things they saw. We also have those who have endure the tragic events as public servants on the streets. For those who have been in these fields, the term often used is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Can anyone be prone to this? Yes, but each person has a way of coping with whatever it is they deal with.

One of the most horrific events in human history is the Holocaust. If you ever watch an interview with a survivor, you will see they all have learned how to cope differently. We found a video of a brave woman who endured this event and she explains how she coped.

This wonderful woman is a true example of bravery and we can all learn something from her. Sadly, she passed away a couple of weeks ago, but she leaves behind something we sometimes forget; hope. While none of us could ever imagine what it was like for her and the others imprisoned by a madman, we can try to pass her message onto others. What am I getting at?

You have read our previous articles about mental preparedness but this is different. You have to find what truly makes you happy. Having the ability to deal with very stressful situations can be a key asset in any situation. If it gets rough, no matter what you do, just remember the music is beautiful.

Stay safe and stay positive.


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