Survival Fishing

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were stranded out in the woods without food? Dumb question right? Well not really. You may not have access to your cool gear or “bat belt”, so if you only had minimal supplies on hand, how would you gather food?

Are you a true hunter/gatherer? We all would like to believe that we could survive and locate food to do so, but in reality this may be a tough task for some if not most. Why? Because a lot of folks rely on gear rather than skill. You may not always have a fishing pole or even a line and a hook handy if you want to catch some fish.

One cannot function at 100 percent without adequate amounts of protein. While many will disagree with me, protein is a building block of muscle. There is no arguing this. You may need to get some fish from that lake or stream to feed yourself and your family. So if you have no pole, line, or hook, how can you do this? Check out this video we found of survival fishing with just your hands and a knife. These are two things you should have with you at all times.

Let’s watch the video:

Did you see the speed and accuracy this gentleman used when catching the fish? That is skill and it is something you can acquire. Again, 2014 is going to be the year for skills!

Stay safe out there.


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