Radio Show: On the Edge with Kelly Worden

Everyone should always seek information from experts out in the field. Whether it is survival, homesteading, or preparedness we shouldn’t give up on our quest for knowledge and skills.

While I know there are a few preparedness radio networks out there, there are also shows on live radio networks that provide a wealth of information you don’t want to miss out on. Our friend and a true Martial Artist, Datu Kelly Worden hosts a radio called “On The Edge” on KLAY1180. Here is a description of the show:


Datu WordenA fast paced, straight shooting, hard hitting show cutting deep to the heart of important matters and takes no prisoners. Host Kelly Worden is an internationally renowned martial artist, military instructor, video author, writer, and weapons inventor. “On the Edge” dives to the depths of action and adventure with insightful interviews with notable V.I.P. guests from around the world covering martial arts, personal protection, physical fitness, nutrition and health to the warrior lifestyle of today’s military, police, and self-reliant citizen. Tune-in for programming that covers a myriad of dynamic issues drawn from the real world that will surely have you sitting “On the Edge”.

12-1 pm PST | Saturdays

Official Website



So tune in for some great information and hear from some great guests he has on the show as well. If you don’t get this station, I do believe you can listen to it on the Internet.

Have fun!!


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