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I am always amazed by the ingenuity our readers have. Sometimes they share do-it-yourself ideas with us that are just awesome. I am a fan of this as it proves you don’t have to have a million dollars in order to prepare.

One of our dedicated and creative readers who is on Twitter as @DavidSilvas62 sent us this how-to for a portable stove. I looked at this and had to share it with everyone. I know many cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a camping stove, etc., so I found this to be an excellent idea and money saver as well. Here is the information that David sent us:

You need:
New paint can (empty of course)
Can opener “air vent puncher”
Metal hangers
Wire cutters
Small piece of wood 
Screw with or without a nut for the lid

Use can opener to make holes along top and bottom of can. Paint can may bend so use as little force as possible.
Create four small holes to insert wires to create a grill on the inside. I made a square shape grill. Leave enough room on the bottom of the can to insert charcoal or wood chips.
Drill a hole in top of lid (size of a screw). Drill screw in piece of wood and insert bottom of screw through the hole on lid. Then apply a nut on the screw to create a handle on the top so you won’t burn your hands.
On the paint handle use extra wire to create a hook to hang on a tree or attach to a backpack. A carabiner will also do the trick.

To cook with the portable stove, simply insert charcoal or wood chips and heat them up, preferably with little to no flames. Insert food to be cooked and leave room to insert small piece of wood/charcoal to keep heat going. I have cooked baked potatos, Cornish game hens, doves, rabbit with this already. You can use aluminum foil if you choose too. Happy cooking and prep wisely.

Here is the completed stove.

Here is the completed stove.

So as you can see, this is a pretty neat idea. I hope some folks can use it. If you are on Twitter, please follow and give @DavidSilvas62 some thanks for submitting this. As always, stay safe out there!



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