Self Defense Primer: Add A Stick Or Baton To Your Abilities

Recently on Twitter we made a comment about being more proactive with training for 2014. We were serious!

There are many different weapons you can choose to use or carry. But are you able to receive sufficient training in all of them? No. While many of our readers prefer firearms as their primary self-defense tool, we want to try and help them get out of that mindset. Don’t get me wrong, we support the right to carry but there will be times when you are unable to carry a firearm or you may not have access to one.

Let’s talk about the most basic weapon of them all, the stick. You may laugh, but a stick or baton in the right hands can be dangerous and even deadly. I am also speaking to the ladies who read this. While you may not have an interest in other types of weapons, many forms of martial arts incorporate sticks or batons into their curriculum and you don’t have to have 20 years of training under your belt in order to be proficient. The desire to learn and practice will step up your game in no time.

The next two videos are of Datu Kelly Worden from Natural Spirit International, showing the advantages of both a stick and expandable baton. If you want to expand your skill set, give some thought to getting professional instruction in something like this. Stay safe out there.




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