Wall Street Adviser: Stock Up On Guns and Ammo For The Collapse

It’s not everyday you hear a Wall Street adviser telling America to start packing heat in preparation for whats coming, but that’s exactly what David John Marotta says you should be doing. Marotta says that at all times you should have a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help stay alive. This bag should have you prepared for at least 72 hours.

Marotta, a top financial adviser and Forbes contributor said in his latest blog post, ““I, along with many other economists, agree with many of the concerns expressed in these dire warnings. The growing debt and deficit spending is a tax on those holding dollars. The devaluation in the U.S. dollar risks the dollar’s status as the reserve currency of the world. Obamacare was the worst legislation in the past 75 years. Socialism is on the rise and the NSA really is abrogating vast portions of the Constitution. I don’t disagree with their concerns.”

David Marotta does say that he is not expecting a “collapse” exactly, and rather a slow European-like decline, but with instability in the economy, and the government’s reckless decisions, it can never hurt to be prepared for the worst case scenario.


Source: The Free Patriot

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