Build A Cozy Log Cabin For Less Than $500

Preppers want somewhere to go when the shoo shoo hits the fan. Homesteaders want to be self reliant and live off the grid. And survivalists? They just want to survive whatever comes their way. But how about achieving all these goals without going broke?

Picture this, you get a phenomenal deal on a few acres of land. Quiet and secluded country. But due to your financial situation you can’t start to build the cabin of your dreams for two years. In reality, you cannot wait that long because you feel things are starting to decline and you need a bug out location now. So what do you do?

This is where creativity and ingenuity comes into play. Check out this video where these people built this log cabin for less than $500. It took 8 months and friends to help, but it was still completed. Keep in mind this price doesn’t include labor, so you would need to have some family or great friends to help you finish a project of this magnitude.

So check this out and let us know what you think.



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