Prepper Central Magazine: 5,000 Subscribers Gets 5 Days Of Giveaways!

Our goal with Prepper Central Magazine is to create a community that reaches all corners of the world. Preparedness is not only for preppers, homesteaders, or survivalists. It is for anyone who has the desire to survive and thrive through whatever life throws at you.

We are making it easy to spread the message of preparedness by offering a free trial subscription to our magazine. When the trial subscription runs out, if you would like to continue to receive issues of our informative publication, it will only cost you $6.95 per year. With news and information from the leading experts in their respective fields, this is why we are compelled to spread this information to anyone who would benefit from it. But we are not stopping there!

We have partnered with iSurvival Gear to help us reach a milestone in our initial subscriber base. If we can reach 5,000 registered subscribers by January 31st, we will have 5 days of giveaways in the month of February. But it gets even better! Everyone who is a registered subscriber will be automatically entered in the giveaways!! So you get a free subscription and a chance to win some free gear!! Not a bad deal, huh? Please also thank iSurvival Gear for their generosity by visiting their website here:

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How can you help us reach this goal? You can help us spread the word by making this go viral on social media sites, email, or by word of mouth. Every subscription puts us closer to our giveaway goal of 5,000 subscribers. Not only do you have a chance at some great gear, but you will also receive valuable information in your inbox on a monthly basis!

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a great year with y0u.



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