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Yes you heard correctly, our sister publication, Prepper Central Magazine, is giving the first three months for free!! No strings attached. Just sign up and you’re in!

We felt it was time to do something different and here it is. Our goal is to spread the message of preparedness beyond the normal reaches. While we do need to meet our operating costs, which include compensating our team of staff writers, this did not stop us from offering this promotion to the public. Our writers agreed with this and that speaks volumes of the professionalism these folks possess. Since we are a digital publication, we can reach people all over the world. Here is the message from our website about the free subscription:

This is our inaugural year!  We would like to take the opportunity to invite everyone, not just Preppers, to enjoy our magazine.  So in an effort to do this, we have decided to make Prepper Central Magazine free for a limited time.  Yes, you read it right- free!! From February 2014 through April 2014, all issues will be free of charge.  All you will need to do is register as you would for a subscription, and you will receive the best in preparedness, survival, and homesteading free to your inbox through April 2014!   After 3 months, it will only cost you $6.95 per year so you can continue to receive monthly issues at a very affordable rate. This is the cost of a single issue for some publications.

Our mission is to deliver the very best in preparedness to folks around the world.  By having an affordable annual subscription rate, we can make this mission a reality.   The more informed and educated people are, the more they are empowered to be prepared for whatever life might throw their way.  So join us today-you won’t be disappointed!

As you can see, even after the free subscription period is finished, the regular annual subscription rate will be only $6.95 per year. We made this very affordable so folks can get the information they need to help them with their situation. But don’t forget, we will still have giveaways, specials, etc.  So tell your friends and family about this. This is valuable information delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis and to shouldn’t be passed up especially if it is free. Go here to subscribe.

Also, please help spread this information on social media sites. Please visit the Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Please like and follow them as this is where announcements for contests and giveaways will be made. Thank you.



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