Over One Million Lose Unemployment Benefits

Where is our country headed? The lame stream media reports that our economy is improving and the unemployment numbers are getting better. What planet are they on? With this recent move of stopping the emergency benefits, now over one million and maybe even two million people will have no income to depend on.

This is absolutely ludicrous! In a recent article by Bloomberg, they claim that by the end of 2014 there could be as many as five million Americans will lose their long-term unemployment benefits:

By July, another 1.9 million people will get the boot from extended benefits. By the end of 2014, 1.6 million more will be kicked off, totaling about 5 million Americans.

This is a serious economic emergency and we haven’t even crossed into the new year. We will start to see the effects of this rather quickly. It will have an adverse effect on consumer spending as some folks won’t even be able to put food on the table. There will be less money injected into the economy as people just won’t have it to spend. What will our broken government do?

While there is no quick fix for any of this, we can only hope that some, if not most of the folks affected by this are prepared to ride out the storm. We always tell our readers that preparedness isn’t only for natural disasters or martial law, it is also for life emergencies such as this. We all know someone who is going through financial difficulties at this time and now it has grown ten fold overnight.

What now? I don’t have the answer or golden ticket here. There are so many variables that have contributed to this problem over the last few years that no one party is to blame. Are there immediate steps that can be taken to bring our country back from the brink of economic collapse? Yes, and here there are:

  • Stop sending monetary aide (hundreds of millions of dollars) to countries who support terrorism or even the terroristic ideology against the U.S.
  • Limit the amount of U.S. jobs sent overseas. Tax companies astronomical amounts who continue to send American jobs overseas.
  • Use the money that is wasted in the government on a daily basis to help this program. The White House doesn’t need $100K parties, etc.

If someone were to review and end the wasteful spending our government conducts on a daily basis, we would not be having this discussion right now. While there are so many problems plaguing our country right now, there must be something done to bring this runaway train to a halt.

I know some of our readers may have been affected by this and we stand with you. If you know someone that may need some help during this difficult time, please reach out and help them. Preparedness is also about taking care of others. Without this, we lose our humanity. While we don’t know how long this may last and if the decision will be reversed, we can weather this storm together. Don’t forget, we live in the greatest nation on the planet!



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