Knife Fighting Basics: Get A Quality Training Knife

A couple of weeks ago we started talking about knife fighting. This is in response to some of our readers not always having access to a firearm, and some of our readers do not carry firearms at all. We feel this is beneficial to anyone to possess a number of skills in time of need. You are already familiar with our stance on skills vs. gear. If you have participated in martial arts, self-defense, or law enforcement/military training, at some point you have used a training weapon. While it is not the real deal, it is used to simulate the best it can. But some of these tools are just terrible and unrealistic.

We have found a company that makes training knives that are very close to the types of knives you may encounter in the street or carry yourself. The folks over at Keen Edge Knives offer realistic, aluminum training knives at very affordable prices. Keen Edge is a family owned and operated company in Keenesburg, Colorado and they not only make these knives, they have been involved in the Martial Arts for many years. So you are dealing with people who know how to use them as well. One of their training knives, the P3 Tactical Folder has become the official training knife of the International Combat Hapkido Federation. So these folks do walk the walk.

The manufacturing process for these trainers is true precision. Size, fit, and feel is what makes these trainers stand out. While they have a wide variety of trainers to choose from, they also offer different choices in colors for the 550 paracord handle wrap and you can even purchase an optional formed kydex sheath for your trainer. I appreciate this because it helps the end user train with more realism than just holding a blade in their hand. But that’s not all. They even make live blades as well. So if you are in the market for a custom knife, you may want to give the team at Keen Edge a call.

We will be reviewing their Karambit trainers, the K1 and K2, in the near future, so stay tuned. But if you are looking for any last minute gift ideas, stocking stuffers, or even a gift certificate, check out their website as they are having a Christmas sale going strong now! The best of it all is they are manufactured right here in the United States! Yes, made in the U.S.A.! So support these folks and don’t forget to tell them that we sent you.





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