Stand And Deliver – Part I

I like The Walking Dead television show. There I said it and it is no longer a secret. Why do I like it you ask? Is it for the zombies or blood and gore? Not at all. It is for the pure humanism involved in the story line.

There is so much that everyone can learn from this show. While folks can be distracted by the action packed zombie killing, I know some of our readers are catching onto the behavior these folks exhibit when placed in these trying situations. I am bringing this up because of last night’s mid-season finale. These characters were put at a crossroads so to say, and how the story line turned out made me think about how this ties into preparedness. Before you proceed, there may be some spoilers in this article about the episode so proceed with caution.

The storyline is a great comic book story. Unless people start turning into zombies, there isn’t much you can prepare for from this show other than learning how to deal with people. From the beginning we see who the natural leaders and followers are and I truly appreciate that we have seen the human side of them. Let’s take Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes for instance. He was thrown into this situation and has been given the title of leader early on. Do you know someone who could fill those shoes? There are folks who are very good decision makers and delegators, but can they make life and death decisions?

As we saw in last night’s episode, Rick was forced to make a decision that would have an effect on everyone in the prison and even those folks outside of the fence. The odds were in favor of the Governor’s people with the tank, but Rick stuck to his morals and resisted. This is why Herschel smiled right before meeting his destiny as well. Rick showed a trait of what every good leader show have and that is courage in the face of adversity. Doing what is right for the greater good. In the event of a catastrophe, what would you do? Would you protect others and watch out for their interests? Or would you take the path of least resistance? While things did not go the way Rick had hoped, he still made a decision that was one of the most difficult yet. It was a decision that cost people their lives, but yet in my opinion, it was the right choice.

If you have not watched this show or the episode I am referring to, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes. You will see why this will make you explore and question your mental preparedness. If and when the time comes, will you be able to “stand and deliver”?

Stay tuned for Part II.



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