The Travel Wrench: A Personal Defense Tool

In one week it will be what is known in the United States as Black Friday. A day when you shop for Christmas gifts at insanely cheap prices, but it is also a day when you can either become a victim or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It seems that within the last few years, this day has become infamous with violence and stupidity. People have been killed, trampled, or assaulted over the most insignificant things. The worst part about this is the retailers don’t give a darn about what happens! As long as they are selling out of the hottest item of the sale, you could be in the parking lot lying in a pool of blood for all they care.

I’m an advocate of anyone being proactive when it comes to their safety and the safety of their loved ones. We have recently discussed situational awareness and I don’t want to repeat the same information again, so all I will say is just use your gut feeling with situations. If it don’t feel right, it might not be.

Though it is only seven days away, there is one impact tool that I have put faith into due to its design and ease of use by the end user. I am sure some of our readers have heard of it; it is called the Travel Wrench. It was designed by Datu Kelly Worden of Natural Spirit International. Datu Worden has an extensive background in the Martial Arts. But his no nonsense approach to self defense is what keeps many folks tuned in.

The Travel Wrench does resemble the karambit, but it is a non-lethal impact device that when correctly deployed, it can be extremely effective. Here is a brief video of Datu Worden using the Travel Wrench:

As you can see, it is simple but very effective. It is a tool which is definitely worth taking a look at. Stay safe out there.



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