HAM…..Not The Meat On Your Sandwich

We are so spoiled with communications these days. How many people remember it wasn’t long ago that cell phones were NOT in every person’s pocket or purse. Everyone you know is either a phone call, text, or email away. So with this, we have become complacent when it comes to forms of communications. No longer do we take time to compose a handwritten letter, or send post card when email and texting is so much quicker. But wait. A major event has just occurred and we can’t do these things any longer.

So how do we keep communications open after a SHTF event? The most viable folks will be the HAM (amateur radio) operators. Most folks who have taken an interest in HAM radio have taken the time to create their own station and have a good source of back up power. Not only are HAMs self-sustainable, but they are also trained in emergency communications. Once the grid goes down, the radio network takes over where the mainstream media left off.

The emergency frequencies are public knowledge, so when the SHTF, folks will be able to communicate with each other and provide a SITREP on the “event”. So if you are serious about keeping communications up between your friends and loved ones, you may want to look into becoming a HAM. You can check out the National Association For Amateur Radio (ARRL) for information to get you started. Remember, you might also be an asset to your community in the event of an emergency.

HAM Radio

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